Ribero Del Duero
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The region's unique terroir and commitment to quality make it a destination of choice for wine enthusiasts seeking exceptional Spanish wines.

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Ribera Del Duero

Ribera del Duero is one of Spain’s world-renowned wine regions and is situated along the banks of the Duero River on the country’s northern plateau. Wine has been produced in the region for thousands of years, but, viticulture as we know it today, was brought to the region by French Benedictine monks from Cluny, in Burgundy, during the XII century.

Tempranillo wine is a standout in Ribera del Duero's traditional winemaking. Tempranillo has a unique dual character that sets it apart from other wine varieties. It can be enjoyed as a vibrant, young red with fruity and floral notes, or as an aged red with profound complexity and elegant finesse. Visiting family-owned and operated estates ensures an immersive experience as the owners are often on-site to welcome you and show you the winery or accompany you during the wine tasting.


Gastronomy defined: The region is renowned for its cuisine, which features hearty dishes such as roast lamb, chorizo sausage, and morcilla (blood sausage). Local cheeses, such as Queso de Burgos, are also popular.

Dive into the culture: Ribera del Duero is rich in cultural heritage, with a history dating back to the Roman era. The region is home to landmarks, such as the Castle of Peñafiel and the Monastery of Santa María de Valbuena.

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Stay in 12th Century Luxury


The region's history is reflected in the top hotels found in the area. For instance, Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine was once a 12th century Romanesque abbey, now transformed into an opulent hotel. 

Guests can also stay at Monasterio de Valbuena, located in the best-preserved Cistercian monastery of Europe dating back to the 12th century which comes complete with thermal baths.

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Exceptional Wines of Riberia


The wines produced in Ribera del Duero are unparalleled, ranging from artisanal producers like Territorio Luthier to some of the most renowned Spanish winemakers such as Vega Sicilia and Pingus. These wines offer an exceptional quality that cannot be matched.

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Visit Peñaranda de Duero


Protected by its medieval castle that has towered above since the 10th century, this medieval town is still home to about 500 residents. In the streets of Peñaranda, there are palaces, temples, collegiate churches, and Renaissance and Baroque mansions. Next to its picturesque Plaza Mayor is one of the most outstanding buildings in the town, the Palace of the Counts of Miranda.

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Experience Modern Wineries


Visit the Portia Winery, designed by the famous and prestigious architectural studio Foster & Partners. A spectacular architectural project and a symbol of the modernity and the future of this producer, their wines are born in the best area of Ribera del Duero and are made in a modern style; powerful, rich, and elegant.

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