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The Minho region is one of the country's most famous and prolific wine regions. Lush green landscapes, abundant rainfall, and the production of a variety of wines, including Vinho Verde, make Minho one of Portugal's most iconic wine styles.

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Portuguese Grape Varieties:


Minho is a region located in the northwest corner of Portugal, known for its lush green landscapes, historic cities, and vibrant culture. The region is also home to a thriving wine industry, producing some of the country's most beloved white wines, including the crisp and aromatic Vinho Verde. Wine tourism in Minho is a popular activity, with visitors coming to taste the local wines, visit the vineyards and wineries, and learn about the history and production of this unique wine. Along with wine, the region offers a wealth of cultural and natural attractions, including historic cities like Braga and Guimarães, beautiful beaches, and the stunning Peneda-Gerês National Park.


Hearty and flavorful: Minho cuisine features local ingredients such as fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and cornmeal. Some of the region's specialties include cozido à portuguesa and arroz de sarrabulho.

Always time to celebrate: The Minho region enjoys a rich cultural heritage and is home to several festivals and celebrations, such as the Feira de Barcelos, held every Thursday, and the Romaria de Nossa Senhora da Agonia, a colorful religious festival held in Viana do Castelo in August.

Intricate and Colourful: The Minho region is known for its handicrafts. The region's embroidery, known as bordado, is characterized by its ornate designs and vibrant threads, while its ceramics are known for their rustic charm and traditional patterns.

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Stay at Casa do Sezim


Nestled amidst our vineyards and a millennial forest, Casa de Sezim is a captivating colonial house that is steeped in history. Located just minutes away from the heart of Guimarães, this family-owned home offers an exclusive and tranquil retreat. Their boutique rooms warmly await your arrival.

Experience the enchantment of Casa de Sezim, where you can savor our exquisite Vinho Verde, crafted with expertise passed down through generations. Take a leisurely stroll through our picturesque gardens and century-old vineyards. Indulge in the unique farm experiences available, including participating in the making of our exceptional wines. Witness the incredible journey of our grapes, from harvest to bottle, and conclude your tour with a perfectly chilled glass of our finest nectar.

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Visit Ponte De Lima


Located in the heart of Lima Valley, Ponte de Lima holds the distinction of being the oldest town in Portugal with a glorious history spanning nearly 900 years. It takes its name after the majestic medieval bridge (ponte) that gracefully spans the Lima River. 

Serving as a pivotal Roman settlement on the renowned road connecting Braga to Santiago de Compostela and Lugo, Ponte de Lima received the honor of being the first place in Portugal to obtain a municipal charter. Today, it stands as a significant landmark on the Central Portuguese branch of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, enchanting visitors with its rich historical significance and captivating allure.

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Explore the City of Guimarães


Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Guimarães, a city steeped in symbolism for Portugal. Embark on a guided tour through its historic center, where King Afonso Henriques began forging the nation. Experience the castle's captivating blend of legend, poetry, and heroism at the dawn of Portuguese history.

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Taste Wines of Minho


In Northern Portugal, savor the exquisite Soalheiro wine, crafted from Alvarinho grapes since the 1980s. Indulge in a tasting led by an estate expert, featuring sparkling, reserve, and prime selections. Delight in a traditional lunch at a local restaurant, perfectly paired with the estate's finest wines.

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