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Tours in Buenos Aires

The “Paris of South America”, as it is called, Buenos Aires boasts a European face and an intensely Latin soul.

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Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the Latin American city that most closely resembles the cosmopolitan and aristocratic atmosphere of the big European capitals. Yet Buenos Aires is much more than that, combining the multi-colored tin houses of La Boca with the popular tango ambiance that thrives on the streets of San Telmo.

It also offers all the great options of a large city: a choice of excellent hotels, art museums, shopping, fine dining, tango, theater and arts, nightlife, and world-class sporting events related to polo and soccer. This is the blend that makes Buenos Aires a unique and irresistible metropolis.

Make sure to visit iconic spots like La Boca, El Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo, the Recoleta Cemetery, San Telmo, and Puerto Madero when exploring the city.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the "Paris of South America," is a vibrant city that blends European elegance with Latin American energy. From the colorful tin houses of La Boca to the soulful tango rhythms of San Telmo, it offers a unique cultural tapestry.

The city is a hub of activity, featuring luxury hotels, renowned art museums, chic shopping, exquisite dining, and a lively arts scene. Whether you're captivated by tango, theater, nightlife, or sports like polo and soccer, Buenos Aires has something for everyone.

Food and wine lovers will delight in Buenos Aires' culinary scene. Despite Argentina's top wine regions being further afield, the city itself provides exceptional wine-tasting and dining experiences. Explore wine bars in the Palermo district, especially around Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano, where the blend of boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and street art creates a vibrant cultural ambiance.

Buenos Aires invites you to immerse yourself in its unique charm, offering a journey through the very essence of Argentine culture and sophistication.


Walk the neighborhoods: A captivating city that combines the charm of Europe with a vibrant Latin essence. With its elegant architecture, bustling streets, and rich cultural heritage, Buenos Aires offers a truly unique and enchanting experience for visitors from around the globe.

Savor the flavors of Argentina: Visit Puerto Madero, the old port of the city that is now one of the most exclusive gastronomic areas in Buenos Aires.

Immerse yourself in Latin culture: From walking the historic streets to immersing yourself in fine arts, Latin culture is all around you. Take a tour of the National Museum of Fine Arts and explore the city's vibrant galleries.

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Visit the MALBA


A contemporary and vibrant exhibition space, MALBA is solely focused on presenting the rich tapestry of Latin American art spanning the entirety of the 20th century up to the present day. The gallery proudly displays an extensive collection featuring masterpieces by celebrated artists like the iconic Frida Kahlo, the visionary Tarsila do Amaral, and the influential Diego Rivera.

Through these remarkable works, MALBA offers visitors a profound insight into the diverse and profound artistic accomplishments of the region, inviting a captivating journey through the cultural evolution of Latin America.


Stroll Along El Caminito in La Boca


El Caminito is a lively, colorful pedestrian street nestled in the vibrant La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is famous for its kaleidoscopic buildings that breathe life into the surroundings, attracting visitors with its tango performances and skilled artisans showcasing their craft. This picturesque location not only serves as a perfect backdrop for captivating photos but also provides a unique insight into the bohemian essence of Buenos Aires.

For football enthusiasts, the iconic La Bombonera stadium, which proudly stands as the home ground of the revered Boca Juniors football team, is just a stone's throw away, adding to the cultural richness and allure of this dynamic neighborhood.

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Walk Through La Boca


A picturesque neighborhood located in South Buenos Aires, this area has a rich history as a home to Italian immigrants during the 19th century. Stroll through the vibrant streets lined with colorful buildings and tenement houses that exude the cheerful spirit of this close-knit community.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the charming restaurants and savoring the delectable cuisine they have to offer.

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Learn About (or Try) Tango


Tango, a captivating dance form that originated in the 1880s along the vibrant border shared by Argentina and Uruguay, has deep historical and cultural roots. Its significance has been recognized by UNESCO, earning a prestigious spot on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

When visiting Buenos Aires, immerse yourself in the local culture by considering signing up for tango lessons or simply witnessing the mesmerizing dance performances in the lively milongas (dance halls). The city's atmosphere is a lively tapestry woven from a diverse mix of cultures, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic energy that fills the air with life and excitement.

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