Italian wine and cuisine at its most elegant resides here. Sample Piedmont’s local culinary delights: white truffles, mountain cheeses, hazelnuts and chocolate. But at centre stage is Piedmont’s stunning array of wines, with regal Barolo and Barbaresco at its pinnacle. Explore these wines in the Langhe, then move to Gavi for some whites, plus a home cooking lesson.


  • Feast on artisan cheese and salami during a buffet lunch at a cheese farm in the Alte Langhe
  • Hunt for truffles in a hazelnut grove with a truffle hunter and his dog
  • Enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson in a local resident’s medieval townhouse near Gavi
  • Private, sit-down tastings at the Marchesi di Barolo, Silvio Grasso, Giacomo Bologna, Villa Sparina & more

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