Todd Parlin and Friends – Wine Inspired Argentina

Argentina is very unique when compared to it’s South American neighbors. Since the 30’s Argentina has suffered from political instabilities that kept it from developing to it’s potential. Buenos Aires is the second largest city in the continent. The population is a mix of indigenous and immigrant Italian populations lending itself to a warm and welcoming population with a passion for wine and dance. When it comes to wines Malbec is king but there are a number of others that have made a splash internationally including Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, Torrontes and most recently Cabernet Franc.

A trip to Argentina would not be complete without a visit to it’s capital Buenos Aires The “Paris of South America” as it is called, Buenos Aires boasts a European face and an intensely Latin soul. It is “the city that never sleeps,” where locals pack café terraces until the small hours of the morning to discuss tango, soccer and politics, and where family and friendship still come before everything else.

Mendoza town is well known for its beautiful streets and avenues full of trees and nice parks. The landmarks the Government House, San Martin Park, Independence Square surrounded by the Municipal Theatre, the Modern Art Museum, Plaza España, and the Plaza del Castillo. La Rosaleda, which is a wonderful rose garden with more than 4,500 rose plants. Cerro de la Gloria where a monument commemorates the crossing of the Andes conducted by General Jose de San Martin during Argentina’s fight for independence. Surrounded by world class vineyards Mendoza is the perfect hub for a genuine Into the Vineyard experience.

We will bring these together for an unforgettable time in Argentina.

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