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As the Senior Travel Advisor and Co-owner of Into the Vineyard, I think it’s important that our staff frequently return to the regions that we love to book for our clientele. I recently returned from 10 days in Venice and Northern Italy where I focused on the outskirts of Venice, trying to discover hidden gems that are overlooked by most travel itineraries.


My first stop was Hotel Cipriani. South of St Marks on the island of Giudecca, Cipriani can only be reached by boat – my favourite way to see Venice! The hotel’s history traces back to Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of not only Cipriani’s but also the bellini and carpaccio. Hotel Cipriani made the news lately as the host hotel of George Clooney and his wedding party. While the secret may be out, I can vouch that the location, hospitality and exceptional bellinis in the stunning gardens truly sets Cipriani’s a notch above the rest. Highly recommended accommodations.

Next stop – Venissa – Venice’s only vineyard and best kept secret. Like Locanda Cipriani, visitors must arrive by boat. Venissa boasts a bell tower that rivals St Mark’s Campanile and produces a sublime wine easily recognized by it’s unique handcrafted gold leaf labels.

While less of a secret, I recommend wine and art lovers take a day trip to Valdobbiandene and Possagno. Sitting at the base of the Venetian Alps, these towns boast DOCG quality wines. I took a short break from the wine tasting to visit Museo Canoviano, a museum dedicated to the work of 18th Century hometown sculptor Antonio Canova.

While Into The Vineyard can certainly assure you see all the world renown sights, we find it’s the less-traveled locations that often provide the most memorable experiences. At Into The Vineyard, we customize every detail to meet the tastes of our guests. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss what your custom tour could look like.

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