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There is no doubt that the most well know wine pairing is the combination of red wine and Cheese, but why do these two sublime individuals work so well together?


There are many similar examples of pairings where astringent meets fatty like the reuben sandwich and pickle combination, sushi and ginger, even olive oil and vinegar in salads works so well for the same reasons the astringent food makes the mouth want to pucker and the fatty food makes the mouth feel slippery.

The oil in the fat acts like a lubricant in the mouth making it feel smooth and slippery and the tannins that are found in red wine leave a rough dry feeling on the palate. What is happening is that the tannins bind the fatty solids in the mouth creating a perfect balance since most of us don’t like either of the extremes a oily or dry and tannic feeling in the mouth.

An interesting effect is that upon subsequent sips of wine or other astringent drinks like green tea the mouth perceives them as more astringent than the previous sip which is exactly the reason we keep going back to the cheese plate after a sip from our glass to maintain that perfect balance.

You will likely now notice some other examples of how fatty and astringent work well together in some of your recipes at home or favorite meals out but there is no question that the red wine and cheese pairing is timeless and sublime.

Perhaps nothing better expresses Puglia’s combination of ancient civilization and present-day optimism, openness, warm welcome and entrepreneurial spirit than that!
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