La Cabotte – Point of Interest

Posted July 31st, 2015 by Vineyard in Travel


cabotte_en_bourgogneIn many of the great vineyards of Burgundy one will see small round huts called Cabottes. Often disregarded, these unique pieces of architecture not only served a practical purpose but also often provided a particular clos (cloistered vineyard) with a wonderful architectural element to make for an even more appealing visage.  Half art half shed this building is quintessentially Burgundian.  The Cabotte is a small shelter or store room found mainly in the vineyards of the Côte-d’Or . They are generally built with a drystack technique using the local limestone scree the very same that gives Burgundian wine its trademark minerality. Cabottes were built during a time of growth in the 19th century when the market for wine was good and the cost of labor was cheap.  Vineworkers now had a place to take refuge in a storm or escape the sun on a hot day so they would not have to return always to the “maison du vi

gneron” the winemakers house to escape a passing cloud or to take a lunch break. It also meant that tools and equipment could be left in the vineyard overnight without being exposed to the elements and easily retrieved for an early start the next day.   There is even a geocaching circuit connecting 14 of these unique structures in the Côte-d’Or which you can attempt, you will need to take care care since most of these buildings are in some of the most prized Grand Cru vines in the area.  Now when you visit burgundy you will have some insight into what these unassuming little buildings are sitting in some of the most notable vineyards in the world.

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