Icicle Ridge Winery Okanagan Valley British Columbia June 2017

Our story begins in the year 2000 when Icicle Ridge Winery founders, Lou and Judy Wagoner headed up into undiscovered territory north across the border to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada. The wines they discovered were of surprisingly high quality, the area with its majestic hills and lakes was a natural wonder and the people were quite friendly and nice.

Just a few minutes drive from the 49th parallel they found a natural wonder of hills and lakes as well as a climate and terroir perfect for fruit production.  Upon tasting the local elixir Lou and Judy quickly understood that the combination of climate and terroir resulted in some very fine wines. Upon their return to Icicle Ridge Lou and Judy recommended to Don and Kristen that they must one day go and see for themselves.

That time has come!

After three successful trips with wine club members, Icicle Ridge Winery’s Don and Kristen Wood have asked us to prepare a trip highlighting the best of the Okanagan Valley. Naturally, this being our own back yard we were very excited and have prepared a trip that highlights  the best wines, people, accommodation and scenery that Beautiful British Columbia has to offer.

Come with us and meet the people enjoy the majestic scenery and taste the diverse and remarkable array of wines being crafted in this nearby undiscovered remarkable wine region.


Okanagan Valley? Never heard of it…

The Okanagan Valley lake and river systems are part of the headwaters of the Columbia river. It has a continental climate which is moderated by deep Lake Okanagan.

These key factors make the Okanagan Valley an excellent place to grow grapes and produce fine wines.

  • Low precipitation and desireable terroir
  • Longer days due to a northerly latitude
  • Summer temperatures, often in the high 90’s
  • Longer growing season due to the moderating effect of the lakes
  • Regional economics

This combination heightens this regions ability to compete with the great wine regions of the world on fruit quality as well as wine.

Recent investment and development has meant that world class winemaking is a reality and the wines being produced from these mostly estate grown grapes are often of the highest quality. The combination of weather, geology, and economics positions the Okanagan at the cutting edge of viticulture practices and oenology there has never been a better time to visit.

The Okanagan valley and surrounds

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“As the owner of a winery that values the highest experience possible for my guests, I have to say that the memories we have created with the help of Into the Vineyard are priceless and represent some of the best moments of our lives.  Our friends and wineclub members who have joined us have been as surprised as we have with the amazing quality and customer service we received.    We have found Into the Vineyard to have unusual attention to detail, extreme awareness of culture, and high integrity.  It is a tribute to their company and an absolute treasure for us and our friends.”    Don Wood

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