the best of burgundy

For centuries Burgundy’s powerful dukes extended their influence over a vast area, and their state was the best-organized and richest in Europe. Burgundy finally fell to the French kings, but remained one of France’s most prosperous regions. In the Middle Ages the monks in the region studied the vineyards that they worked. Recognizing the importance of place, they parceled out the land based on the quality of wine it produced, a legacy that remains today. It’s peaceful way of life, celebrated wine, delicious food and numerous outdoor activities all combine to make this region the ideal place to discover and appreciate la vie Française. The Wine is, of course, the region’s most obvious attraction and devotees head straight for the great vineyards whose produce has played the key role in the local economy since Louis XIV’s doctor prescribed wine as a palliative for the royal dyspepsia.

We considered the best hotels, restaurants and wine tasting experiences and brought them together here for our 2015 Burgundy wine tour collection.

If you are looking for something that is ready to book this is the way to go. If you wanted to make some adjustments to it we are happy to do so as well or we can always create a custom tailored trip to your liking.

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